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Iranians Saffron and Cumin seed Agro-Industrial Co, holder of following popular brands: Iran Saffron, Pegah Saffron, Iran Cumin seed, Green Gold Cumin seed observes the hygienic and technical principles before and after harvesting of products, employing the specialist and experienced contractors, having research and development department, the best scientific and laboratorial facilities, supplies the products according to the latest international standards. We have more than half a century
of experience in processing and supplying Saffron and Cumin seed domestically and internationally.



Common/Freeze-dried Saffron

Common Saffron: This type of Saffron is dried through common methods and is supplied on the basis of national standard in Pushali and Negin types.
Freeze-dried Saffron: This type of Saffron is dried through freezing. Its tissue is exclusive and regarding its more volume, it has better appearance in comparison with ordinary Saffron. Additionally during Saffron processing, the effective components of Saffron are more preserved. Furthermore, it has more aroma making processors compared to ordinary Saffron that gradually releases aroma during its perseverance. This type of Saffron is supplied on the basis of national standard.

The Preference of Freeze Dried Saffron
Saffron is a beneficial and valuable plant. It has medicinal properties as abdominal pain removal, appetizing, antitumor and anticancer, enlivening and stimulating of sexuality, sedative, anti-depression and reducer of cardiovascular diseases.

This precious plant is processed in our factory very differently from the other companies as picked at the early hours in the morning then saffron which is the stigma of the flower is removed and at this stage in traditional method, saffron is dried by special heaters and becomes ready to offer.

But in today’s modern and special method, this factory transfers the removed stigmas through hygienic procedures with specific dishes to cold storage. In cold storage all of fresh and bio saffron is put in particular plates and for storing and reaching to the ideal temperature and being ready for entering in freeze dryer,  is placed in the cold storage.

Reaching in ideal condition, the plates containing the saffron is set in the freeze dryer and in a specific time the product becomes ready. This exclusive saffron has higher color index, clearer and more fresh colour, better solubility and more intact tissue (therefore more volume). Saffron dried through industrial method can preserve its physicochemical properties for a long time. The other preference of this saffron  is releasing aroma and flavor gradually.

Saffron by-products

  1. Saffron powder: This product is obtained from two primary materials of common Saffron and  freeze-dried Saffron. The characteristics of this product is in conformity with national standard of Saffron powder.
  2. Saffron extract: This product is prepared regarding to the customers' needs of concentration. In fact , this product is the sieved solution of Saffron aquatic extract.
  3. Instant powder: This product is the freeze-dried extract of water soluble materials of Saffron that has been recently produced at this company. This powder has a strong coloring power and it can be balanced with permitted filling matters according to the customers' needs.
  4. Saffron Essence: This product is the separated aromatic matters from Saffron that can be purified according to the customer's need.

Products packaging

Packing is the art and the knowledge of preparation of food stuffs for storing, transportation and at last the selling. This company is able to supplying Saffron regarding to packaging types on the basis of customers’ requirements other than the existing packages.

This company packs Saffron in polycrystal containers and Khatam boxes up to 0.1 gram according to the type of packing.

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