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Iranians Saffron and Cumin seed Agro-Industrial Co., holder of following popular brands: (Iran Saffron, Pegah Saffron, Iran Cumin seed, Green Gold Cumin seed) observes the hygienic and technical principles before and after harvesting of products, employing the specialist and experienced contractors, having research and development department, the best scientific and laboratorial facilities, supplies the products according to the latest international standards. We have more than half a century of experience in processing and supplying Saffron and Cumin seed domestically and internationally.


Following our commitment for providing the best quality, we dry saffron in various methods:  Freeze Dry, Vacuum Dry, Hot Air. Saffron dried through freezing has higher color index, clearer and fresh color , better solubility and more intact tissue ( therefore more volume ) and it can preserve its physicochemical properties for a long time. Moreover, through a fundamental process,             our research and development team has also managed to develop a extract & dried extract of saffron , saffron essence , cumin  essence and saffron oils producing lines. This company as a pioneer in cumin and saffron industry, exports its products to all over the world and by developing its abilities and the rate of producing expands its markets. It should be mentioned that this company is equipped by Accredited Laboratory ,Freezing Tunnel , Cold stores with the capacity of 400 t in a temperature range of  ­355 °C and suitable packaging lines. Regarding to the existing abilities, our company has producing license from Ministry of Health , treatment and medical education of Iran and also has Iran National Standard.

This company has had the honor of receiving the appellation of championship in producing from Iran Organization of Jihad Agriculture.


What is freeze-dried Saffron?

This type of Saffron is dried through freezing. Its tissue is exclusive and regarding its more volume, it has better appearance in comparison with ordinary Saffron. Additionally, during Saffron processing, the effective components of Saffron are more preserved. Furthermore, it has more aroma making processors compared to ordinary Saffron that gradually releases aroma during its perseverance. This type of Saffron is supplied on the basis of national standard.
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زعفران فریز دراید


Company Products


In freeze dry method, Saffron is put in special trays and goes inside the cold store to be kept in order to reach to the intended temperature for freeze drying, afterwards, saffron transfers to Freeze dryer. This exclusive saffron has higher color index, clearer and more fresh colour , better solubility and more intact tissue ( therefore more volume ). Additionally, during Saffron processing , the effective materials of Saffron are more preserved. Saffron dried through industrial method can preserve its physicochemical properties for a long time. The other preference of this saffron  is releasing aroma and flavor gradually.

In hot air method, saffron is put in special netted trays for transferring to the dryer and it takes a determined time to be dried. In this method, all the physiochemical properties such as Crocine (color factor) , Safranal (aroma factor) , taste (picrocrocine) and saffron tissue are preserved.

In vacuum dry method, drying is done under a mild heat in the presence of vacuum. In this method, natural color, flavor, aroma and the tissue of saffron are preserved.

Saffron by-products:


  • Saffron powder: This product is obtained from two primary materials of common Saffron and freeze-dried Saffron. The characteristics of this product is in conformity with national standard of Saffron powder.
  • Saffron extract: This product is prepared in regard to the customers’ needs of concentration. In fact, this product is the sieved solution of Saffron aquatic extract.
  • Instant powder: This product is the freeze-dried extract of water soluble materials of Saffron that has been recently produced at this company. This powder has a strong coloring strength and it can be balanced with permitted filling matters according to the customers’ needs.
  • Saffron Essence: This product is the separated aromatic matters from Saffron that can be purified according to the customer’s need.


 Cumin seed and by-products :

    Cumin seed :


Winnowed Cumin seeds : This product is the winnowed Cumin seed with 99% purity and is supplied according to the Cumin seed universal Standard.



  • Cumin seed powder: This product is the winnowed and milled Cumin seed. The bigness of the Cumin seed particles is changeable according to the customers’ needs. This product is supplied according to the standard.
  • Dried extract: This product is the soluble materials in Cumin seed water and the particles with small diagonal which are dried. This product has a good solubility.
  • Essential oils: This product is the oil along with the aromatic components of Cumin seed which are densified. The density of this product can be changeable according to the customers’ needs.

Products packaging

This company is able to supply Saffron regarding to packaging types on the basis of customers’ requirements other than the existing packages.

This company packs Saffron in polycrystal containers and Khatam boxes up to 0.1 gram according to the type of packing. Moreover , for winnowed Cumin seed , the packaging is done in 25 and 55 Kg.  standard ( polypropylene and jute)  bags. The packaging in lower quantity is in polycrystal containers according to customers request.


Iranians Saffron and Cumin seed Agro-Industrial company has the most quality control equipped laboratory for Saffron and Cumin seed. Since 1999, this company has been granted the Saffron Accredited Laboratory Emblem from Standard Department. Moreover , in 2008 it has been granted the Accredited Emblem for Cumin seed and is active for these two products. Saffron quality control is performed based on ISO 3632-1 standard which includes all of the Saffron characteristics and grading. Physicochemical laboratory of our company, measures the following items according to the standard: moisture , total Ash and insoluble ash in acid on dry basis , extract , flower waste , extraneous matter and crude fiber.

In this laboratory we test also the picrocrocine (factor for the bitter taste of saffron ) , Safranal  ( aroma factor ) , Crocine ( color factor ) with spectrophotometry in 257 , 330 and 440 nanometer wavelengths.

Identification and examination of additional colors to Saffron with T.L.C method is one of the most important chemical tests on Saffron. Microbial tests are also for controlling of the product from pollution during the producing and packaging processes and after that.

For cumin seed also the tests are done on the basis of standard No. 14 and the items as moisture , total ash and the insoluble ash in volatile oil acid in millimeter, extraneous matters weight percentage , blackened cumin and the broken seeds are measured.

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